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Procrastinating?    Get S#!t Done NOW.

How? Use this interval timer depending on how lazy you are:

"I Know what to do but I've got too much work!"

~ Start a 5 min Break. Mentally you are exhausted! So forget about the work completely, relax 100%.
~ Continue with a comfortable task for 7 min.
~ Focus 1 step at a time with small breaks in between and slowly increase the task time....

Do you Prefer the next 3 hours to end up with the usual mediocre work? or 100 minutes of solid results with a smoother work flow? =Better LIFE!

"My work feels a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure where to start!"

~ Think of the easiest task of the work that can be done comfortably for a few minutes.
~ Start the stopwatch by pressing the pause button (II)
~ Do as much of the Task until you no longer feel comfortable and exit the stopwatch (x).
~ Change the minutes of the interval timer: Task will match what you just did and Break will be half. GO!

Get S#!t Done by breaking down the work in smaller pieces. Slowly biting away the confusing pieces and they become practical steps.


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